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Situated on the banks of the River Thames below inspiring hills and woodland, Cittern Press is an independent publishing business based in the Oxfordshire countryside. 

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Launched in 2020, our first titles are a series of printed music books for modern cittern, mandolin, octave mandola and bouzouki, including a six volume anthology, Musick’s Delight on the Modern Cittern & Mandolin, Mandolas & Bouzouki &c., and several standalone volumes focusing on specific periods and themes. Their visual design is inspired by historical music books, such as those published in the seventeenth century by John Playford (b.1623- d.1686).

Saturday 22 November 1662, ‘This day I bought the book of country dances…there meeting Mr Playford.’

Diary of Samuel Pepys.

John Playford (b.1623- d.1686) published his Musick’s Delight on the Cithren in London, 1666, ‘to revive and restore this harmonious instrument’. Musick’s Delight on the Modern Cittern, which is entirely new, contains a far broader historical repertoire, and responds to the modern instrument’s well-established popularity, together with its wider family including mandolin, octave mandola and bouzouki. It includes tunes from many of Playford’s publications, including The Dancing Master and Musick’s Delight on the Cithren.

From the age of knights, castles and courtly love; from the palaces and gardens of Renaissance Europe; and from the assemblies, playhouses and noisy streets of seventeenth and eighteenth-century London: Musick’s Delight on the Modern Cittern presents a repertoire spanning 600 years – as delightfully playable and addictive now as it was then.”

Robin Alexander Lucas,
author of Musick’s Delight on the Modern Cittern

The sixty tune repertoire in VOLUME the FIRST dates at the earliest from twelfth-century France, with the latest being written by Mozart in 1788 – all presented to you in chronological order, with separate biographies for each person whose work is included or mentioned.  Included are tunes from a twelfth-century troubadour to eighteenth-century English country dances, featuring work by Playford, D’Urfey, Purcell and O’Carolan among others. The music in this book can be played via the tablature or staff notation whether you have a modern cittern, mandolin, tenor mandola, octave mandola or bouzouki.

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